I turn 72 years old this week, and, as a brotha who was born n raised in da deep south, I’ve taken time to reflect on my journey.

I am not stressed about recent events regarding the President, the taking down of confederate statues, and, the many discussions about racism. Why not? I’ve seen it all before.

This I know. Regardless of how things unfold, and, regardless of the emotional-isms expressed, Right will always Right itself.

If you think the racial rhetoric is bad now, you should’ve been around in the 1950s and 60s. The racists battle cry was, America’s sky is falling!” But, it didn’t, and, it’s not going to do so now. This is about change, evolution, and, transition. From that, as always, we get change, a foundation for the coming generations.

That, for my generation, has been the magic of the human spirit, a magic that still exist.