Mmmm Huh.. 

The Afro is a traditional, African hairstyle, which is embraced by millions and millions of melinated people around the world. 

     In America, The Afro reflects a mindset steeped in cultural tradition. At one time, in our history, all of my Ancestors wore their hair NATURALLY. Nappy was Happy. In da Sun, having fun, kickin it wit Lady Gravity, while protecting da Consciousness livin inside our Heads. 

Da Afro is an expression of self pride, and, an acknowledgement of da Presence and da Culture of our Ancestors. Their culture is reflected in da way we style and wear our Hair, da way in which we Dance, Walk, Talk, Pray, Worship, Love, and, Build our families. It is reflected in da music we create, da love songs we sing, and, da magic we share when we’re being ourselves. 

The Afro is defined as one of da many Crowns worn by my peeps. It’s presence reflects a Spiritual awareness of the whys and meanings of Nappy Natural Hair. 

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