Commentary 2

     Let’s do some house cleaning before I get this conversation started. People often ask me, ” Why don’t you stay with standard English grammer when you write? ” My standard answer is often quick and to the point. 

Ah’m from the south, where standard American English gets second billing. The southern language I speak has a Lil bit of evah thang in it. Indeed, it’s a Gumbo, wit a Lotta African twists. Case closed. 

Now, to da subject at hand. Law enforcement, and its relationship to da black community. The relationship goes back to da centuries of forced enslave-ment of Africans, in America. 

Slave patrols were da enforcement arm of American slavery. They had da authority to chase, capture, and, return runaway slaves to their original owners. Their authority was total, and not confined to runaway slaves only. Their main purpose was containment of black folk everywhere they be. Their methods of contain-ment included murder. 

     Since those days, the relationship between the police and black folk has been zero. Zilt. No-thing. Na da. For many black folk, the similarly b’tween today’s police officers and yesterday’s slave patrols is too real. 

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