Commentary 3

     You will notice that ah’m focusing a Lotta attention on the subject of race. Righteously so. As American citizens, clearly, race has been a determing factor, in the ways in which black folks and white folks get along. Terribly, to say the least. 

Ah’m a warrior from the 1960s, in my 70’s. A Black Panther Party Brotha. Our purpose was to expose and eliminate, as much as possible, America’s racist instutions, whether they be educational, social, holy… We encouraged Americans of all stripes to join us as allies, from all across the world. 

In my biased opinion, our racial resentments are rooted in some badd blood caused by some deadly encounters between black and white men. It ends up that white men force black men into a type of bondage not seen before, at least not to the Africans who experienced it. I mean BOOM!!! This was a new kinda expression of man hood ness. 

White man tells the black man, ” Ah’m gon redo you. But first, ah’m gon claim you as my slave, to do unto you, anythang I wish. ” And, there it be. The beginning of a relationship that has involved the deaths of tens of millions. ” 

That’s a biiig deal, especially to the descendants of those millions. They know the stories, as do they know who were the culprits, black and white. For them, this story has not concluded. A Lotta unfinished bizness remains. 

So, my focus on race is intentional. My attitude is, this made up crap that says one racial group is superior to another, because of the color of one’s skin, is bull shyt. That’s like sayin, we humans have a lil colored devil inside of us that determines the way we behave, the way we create, and so on. And, under this color rating system, the skin color black is at the bottom. 

I don’t subscribe to such none sense. In my experiences, the concept of race is jus an excuse for badd, racial, behavior, toward others who are racially different. The evidence speaks for itself. 

The pictures and captions here are not my own. They merely represent two views coming outta black America. But, you can see the direction in which some of black America’s racial views are headed. 

I don’t have any problem with people being who they are racially. I do have a problem with unfair treatment because of my skin color. Personally, I treat others the way I want others to treat me. Suffice to say, that’s where black America is coming from. 

     And, in my comments on race, that’s where I’ll be coming from. You get my drift? 

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