Bill. Bill. Bill. 

Some white folk don’t seem to understand why a lotta black folk still embrace the works and accomplishments of Bill Cosby. Let me break it down for ya. 

Most black folk are still rooted in African Ancestral Spiritual Traditions, especially those that calls for the honoring, the celebrating of, and, the embracement of one’s accomplishments, as they relate to the uplifting of the spirits and the awareness of the village. 

Now despite our varying geography locations, most of us see ourselves as members of a black village, whose roots extend beyond American captivity and enslavement. It is in that village that we depend on each other for survival. So, if my Sista is murdered in Ditty Wa Ditty, and, Ah’m living in Nitty Gritty, Ancestral tradition require me to seek justice for her. That’s one reason you’ll always see black folk seeking justice for each other. The mantra ” Black Lives Matter ” has always existed in their spiritual constructs, with a willingness to extend those constructs to folk a lotta folk think are un deserving. 

When Michael Jackson died, a lotta folk expected black folk to drag his name thru da mud, because of child molestation allegations. Instead, black folk honored and celebrated him, and, continues to do so. The same goes for Whitney Houston, Sam Cooke, Billie Holiday… the list is long, but, the Ancestral tradition holds strong. 

Altho not deceased, the accomplished work of Bill Cosby falls into that group of black Accomplishers. As black folk see it, where Bill goes from here is Bill’s bizness. Will he prevail in his next trial? We don’t know. Is he a devil in disguise? We don’t know that either. But, we do know, his contributions speak for themselves. That… We will always honor. 

It’s a matter of a difference in cultural mindsets. Throw out the baby with da bath water? That’s not a black cultural mindset. Unfortunately, in places where times are tight, especially in cities like Chicago, that mindset has some serious holes in it, among young black boyz, in particular. Even so, that doesn’t mean that a majority of black folk ain upset about the black lives being lost. 

We honor that which deserves to be honored. But not bullshyt. Bill knows that. He knows how we feel about him cheating on his wife. He knows how we feel about his attacks on our Hip Hop generation, as well as, black youth in ghettos across America. On such matters, with a large number of black folk, his azz is grass. No support can he expect, so, we’ll wait to see if he attempts to mount a comeback. 

On the same hand, forgiveness is a central part of black folk spiritual constructs. The mindset is, “Forgive, but don’t forget. ” This mindset confuses a lotta folk. For example, I am often asked the question, from younger blacks, ” How can black folk be so forgiving of white folk who enslaved them? ” I am quick to connect them to the Ancestral constructs of forgiveness, in the way that Grand Mama Nem passed them on to us. 

After the experience of American slavery, most black folk are not willing to be the Judge, the Jury, and, the killer of dreams. That, they say, belongs in another realm of spiritual judgment, which means, whatevah is the case with Bill Cosby, he got his coming, from on High. In the Sweet by n by. 

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