Let’s Talk.

The concept of race has a lotta people twisted and confused. Some people don’t know what to believe.

That one race of humans are superior to another race of humans, because of the color of their skin, is bunk. None-the less, such a belief is widespread.

In America, the belief has been around for centuries, which has forced African Americans to have to prove their equal ness. For example, at one time, many white men believed that the color of their skin made them physically superior. So, brotha Jack Johnson had to prove them wrong, by knocking out a white man, in a boxing ring, thus becoming the world’s first heavyweight boxing champion. Hilter promised the world that the issue would be settled once and for all at the 1936 Olympics. Didn’t happen. Sprinter Jesse Owens made sure of that.

But the issue wasn’t settled. Consequently, black folk have had to prove themselves, equal or better, time and time again. There will come a time, howevah, when the race matter will settle itself. The proof is already in the puddin.

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