Talkin bout racism y’all.

Based on my 72 years of dealing with racism, this I have come to know.

Racism is an intense emotion, which can be triggered by skin color. Once triggered, there’s no telling what’s goin to occur. In my neck of the woods, Louisiana, such encounters often ended in death, of the “colored” ones. Primarily, black folk.

The intensity of racist feelings are fueled by beliefs that the person(s) you hate are “less than.” Their lives are given little or no value. Most black folk know this. Does the phrase, “Black lives matter” ring a bell?

Historically, black lives have not mattered in America. The American enslavement of Africans left no doubt.

Most white Americans have no idea of what en-slavement was like, nor can they imagine the horrors that kept the institution going. However, the enslaved knew what was happening. They knew the kinds of men/women they were dealing with. The knew the kinds of racist mind sets in play. They knew it then. They know it now.

What’s happening now is, black folk are becoming wary of the reactions of law enforce-ment officers to African American men and boyz. Historically, those re-actions are all to familiar, on both sides.

During those centuries, law enforce-ment’s job was to keep white folk protected from black folk. I kid you not. Among white folk the fear of slave rebellions reached a fever pitch, causing the formations of white men whose job it was to keep black folk in line. The rules they operated under gave them complete authority over the lives of black folk, no questions asked.

A lotta black folk are saying that the reactions and the behavior of white/black law enforce-ment officers, toward black men/boyz, are the same as they were centuries ago, with very little change. That is one of the reasons why The Black Lives Matter is growing. However, that’s what the black struggle for total and equal freedom, in Amer-ica, has been about, making black lives matter. The Civil Rights movement, The Pan African movement, The Black Cultural move-ment, The rise of The Nation of Islam, the for-mation of The Black Pan-ther Party, all were about making black lives matter, when they didn’t.

The truth of the matter is, The Black Lives Matter so-called movement is just a con-tinuation of a march for freedom that began long, long, ago. And, its not going away anytime soon.

At least, not until black and white Americans sit down and have a sho nuff ” Come to Jesus meeting.”

The world awaits…

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