As long as he’s been around, man should know by now that violence solves nothin. Even so, men are wired to kick each other’s azz, by hook, by crook, or, by any means necessary.

Rarely do we get da low down when world leaders come together, to discuss worldly affairs. Often, we’re given a summary of whut went down, but rarely do we get a feel for who it is we’re talkin about. We see pictures of who these men are, how they dress, and bam! They’re gone!

It can be confusing, especially when you’re being told who you can like/trust, and, believe. People are split right down da middle, many, without a clue, of whut they can do, to make this a better world.

Among men, a more gentle, soft, sweet, emotion is needed, one which will off – set our need for violent resolutions. That’s my hope for the future.

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