Ah’m a southern fried Brotha, from Louisiana. 73 years young. On da morning of my birth, I hit da ground running. On one hand, I had been targeted for death, because of my black skin color. On da otha hand, I was surrounded and protected by a family determined to see me thru til da end.


During my youth, the State of Louisiana was a racial, hotbed, for hatred against Black folks, a hatred my family experienced directly, in da form of shotgun violence, fires, and, ambushes.


My family were landowners, via The Homestead Act. It was prime land, full of plumb trees, pecan orchards, pine, walnut, and oak trees, a broom field, a couple of water ponds, cows, chickens, horses, a communal water, hand, pump, a communal smoke house, and, otha thangs I will not name.


Because of the lands location, da KKK engaged my family directly, with tactics straight outta war. But, my family were gallant warriors who fought back. As a result, da lands are still in family hands.

(To be continued)

©nyewusi askari 2018

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