A Kwanzaa Story

Last year at dis time, I was in intensive care, in an Oregon hospital. Come to find out, I was there because my body had been attacked by e-coli, a very deadly bacteria.

I was in intensive care for twenty-one days, drifting in and out of consciousness. Howevah, there is one event I do remember very clearly. My own death.

I remember standin at death’s door, all alone, without a body, then boom, something magical happened. In a matter of a second, ah’m in a familiar presence, an ancestral, family presence, Grandmama’nem, my Mother, my Father, my four younger brothers, my thirteen Aunts and Uncles, on my father’s side… I felt their embrace. I felt their love.

No longer of human form, our communication had a divine flow to it. No spoken words, but, a lot of talk. During that communication, I was asked a series of questions, which related to my return to Earth. All of my answers were YES.

And boom, ah’m back in da Earth zone. Immediately, I took notice that I was a spiritually, changed, Black Brotha. Wisdom filled. I knew, without a doubt, my Soul had taken a journey to Ancestral land. I now realize that da divine questions I had been asked, and, my answers, determined my return to Earth. I now know that if my answers had been no, I would not have returned.

From lessons learned, I now know, each of us will one day stand at death’s door, alone, whether we want to or not. And, whut we bring to death’s door is goin to make all da eternal difference. Goodness counts. Love counts. Empathy counts. Sweetness counts. Righteous counts.

©nyewusi askari 2018

All Rights Reserved

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