Commentary – let’s talk about dis. The writing on da picture below caught my eye. One person’s opinion, for sho. The word, Moor, means Black, and back when, anyone who didn’t have white skin was considered a Moor. White male explorers would re name the indigenous people after the land regions in which they lived. In my head, it really doesn’t matter, especially, in da times we’re living in. It is upon us to work across racial and cultural lines, to create a better world, for all things that breath life. It is whut it is. If Europe is named after a Black woman, so be it. What’s da problem? None as I see it. Truth is truth and will always win, in da end. So, we might oughta grab a groove, and let it move, us, toward each other, as we grow into a greater understanding of jus who we be, in dis biiig Sea, of dis magical thing, we call, The Universe.

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