izabella-dahlke-three-hunters.jpgWhat a journey! This website, that is. I started out knowing nothing about setting up a site. Nor did I know anything about website design. When I first started talkin ’bout moving from pen and pencil to computer, many of my brothas and sisthas thought I had lost my mind. ” Brotha Askari, ” they said, ” Aren’t you a lil to old for that? ” I said, ” Never.”

You see, creativity never gets old. And, I knew that once I learned how to master the technology, I would be fine. My dear neice, in Chicage, got me started, then, threw me into the water to sink or swim. Once I started swimming, things started taking shape. And, what a wonderful journey its been!

What you see on the site is a culmination of what I’ve learned to master. Now, I’m encouraging other African American Griots to get on board – to use websites to enhance their work. As Guardians of African American culture, we Griots must stay in step wit the times. We’re in the 21 century, which offer us opportunities to advance our traditional craft. For me, the website is the way to do that.

If you’re considering setting up a website to enhance your work as a traditional/modern Griot, don’t be afraid to CHANGE. Don’t let the computer trip you out! Listen to the voice inside you. Then, GO FOR IT!. We need your VOICE.


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