Sistah Ayanna

1655876_213814795487776_429071343_nSistah Ayanna is the beloved wife of Brother Askari. She is a gifted and talented poet who enchants audiences through  her songs during their performances together.


  1. Ayanna was my teacher at PIVOT 20 years ago. I want her to know that she left a lasting impression with me and because of her and the other wonderful teachers I went on to college and eventually graduate school. A beautiful soul. Many thanks-Rhianna Derscheid (formerly Jalbert)

    1. Hi Rhianna! It was so good to hear from you! Your sister, Ayanna, is still working her Mojo. And, as soon as she gets home from work, I will let her read your message. Send me a phone number so she’ll be able to contact you. Congrats on your evolution, your courage, and your ambition to accomplish your dreams. Sending love from my family to yours. (Bro. Askari)

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